January 10, 2011

An Unexpected Not Quite Chickeny Surprise

We purchased some takeaway recently from a well-known chicken place and found a not so chickeny surprise. While I've heard most of those urban legends about fried rats and people's fingers turning up in people's food, I've never actually known anybody that didn't get actual chicken in their meal.

Certainly in the past we've purchased meals and didn't get some of the things we ordered, and even once received the items ordered by the people in the car behind us, but honestly never expected anything unusual.

Thankfully our surprise wasn't some scary fried critter or some freaky live critter, but rather a pair of kitchen tongs!

Do they have to be like surgeons and count their tools at the end of each night's operations? Do they get to the end of the month and discover their tong supplies are getting low? Do they think they have a secret tong thief in their midst?

Perhaps the staff member was simply psychic and knew we'd recently lost our own tongs. Whatever the reason, we have now replaced our lost tong - and we have a story that goes along with it!

If I make up a song about it, that's 35 verses in length and sing it out of key, would that be a wrong long tong song?

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