March 26, 2011

New Photos: Cat Tower & What is That Frog

I'm typing this very slowly because I am recovering from hand surgery .... I don't suppose it took any longer to read though did it? I'm recovering from carpal tunnel decompression. It's only been 4 days, and I'm only now realising how much sensation I'd lost in my fingers.

Since I'm limited in my typing ability, how about I share some of my latest photos with you?

We had to buy a new cat tower because the cats managed to
finally destroy the old one (see right). Fortunately, 
though it cost twice as the old one, this new tower is made
of solid wood. I discovered that despite costing me around $100,
underneath, the old tower was constructed of cardboard
and chipboard. Hardly worth $100 was it!
Larci LOVES his new play tower.

Stanley adores it as well.

A tiny, wee little white-lipped tree frog (Litoria infrafrenata)
not much larger than my thumb-nail, chose our
kitchen window on which to find his dinner.

A number of juveniles white-lipped tree frogs and
Australian green tree frogs have been dropping by for
visits at our home in recent weeks after months of rain.

One of his bigger brothers was downstairs consorting
with other green tree frogs

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