March 20, 2011

Would You Like a Magnifying Glass With Those Fries? (PG Rated)

Just recently JayC has been telling me about some of her interesting experiences while working on the drive-through at a local fastfood burger joint. 

Saturday nights and right through to early Sunday mornings can often be a crazy busy time for staff at the 24 hour takeaway. Recently a woman decided that she needed to tell JayC about something and came behind the counter and went all 'condensed bipolar' on her with negative and positive comments intermingled with general rantings for a couple of minutes, and then she abruptly left. JayC and the other staff all stood open-mouthed with the shared thought of "Huh? What was that all about?"

A number of their customers come through drunk on the Saturday/Sunday overnight shift, though thankfully not often the drivers of the vehicle are inebriated. But it does mean that the behaviour of some customers can leave a lot to be desired, such as the need to urinate on walls, and a general difficulty with the pronunciation of words.

One recent incident though JayC found rather unsavoury and I think she almost wished that she had said to the drunk customers, "Would You Like a Magnifying Glass With Those Fries?" when a vehicle-full of men drove through the drive-through, completely naked.

It kind of put me off the thought of takeaways for a while.

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