June 21, 2011

How Jam Making Led to a Needle Jab

Large fruit from the native rosella
(Hibiscus Heterophyllus)
Recently when I was helping out at the respite centre, I was asked to assist in picking rosellas so that the staff could make rosella jam - just the fruit of the native rosella is used. This old-fashioned jam is a favourite of many in Australia, and the folk across the street allow the staff here to pick as many rosellas as they want from their garden. The centre sells the jam and the small profit they make, goes back into buying craft materials.

Not realising that the rosellas have lots of tiny little thorns, I unfortunately managed to get at least ten of them imbedded into the quick next to my thumb-nail. This has resulted in a small infection and a very ouchy thumb. 

Rosella Jam
Since I have diabetes and a pathetic immune system, at a check-up at the doctors today, they decided I should have a tetanus shot.

It's probably been a dozen years or so since my last tetanus injection, and I recall it hurt like blazes for a few days after that last shot, so I was a little reluctant to have it again. This injection though, didn't hurt at all, much to my delight and surprise. 

I have decided that should I ever pick rosellas again, gloves are an absolute necessity. Who would have imagined that jam making could be so dangerous!

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