July 19, 2011

Sleep Walking and Lamp Switches

Recently I was discussing sleep-walking with a friend, and we both found that we had sleep-walked as children. While my sleep-walking commenced around the time my parents split up due to the stress, I often wondered whether I still sleep walk during stressful times, and kind of hope that if I do, that I never find out, because goodness knows what I might be getting up to!

So many of us have different sleeping experiences. I can snore like a freight train, and have talked and even laughed during my sleep. My younger sister used to do that as well, and I can recall that she once sang while she slept!

For years I was a really good sleeper: I rarely had restless nights, nor trouble getting to sleep. Then when I was ill with an over-active thyroid gland, it affected the part of my brain managing my sleep, and for some reason from that time onward, my brain simply forgot to tell my body to turn over in my sleep. So I began to wake up with numb limbs and pins and needles from lying in the same position for hours. Nowadays I have to wake myself up regularly during the night to roll over. Weird huh?

Back onto the subject of restless sleep, I can remember having to share a bed with my niece some years ago. It was a king sized bed and she tried to hog as much of it as possible the entire night and would literally kick me whenever I came anywhere near her: hard, vicious little kicks which resulted in me sleeping on the far edge of the bed in trepidation in case she rolled in my direction and kicked me off!

I have a friend who tosses and turns so much in her sleep that she regularly falls out of bed or wakes up facing the wrong end!

Recently, I woke up early one morning, just as the sun was rising. I came to and found myself sitting up in bed, turning my alarm clock off and on repeatedly. I'm not sure what I was trying to achieve, but I did find the whole experience a little 'alarming'!

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