July 15, 2011

The Hazards of Shopping: Getting Peeved

It must have something to do with the weather, because everywhere I drove today, people seemed to think it was acceptable to just stop their vehicle in front of me on the road, for no particular reason at all. If it had occurred just the one time I'd say, "Ok," but to happen four times in less than two hours was ridiculous. One of the drivers was in a police car who decided it would be appropriate to block up one side of a two way road area right in front of the pedestrian crossing at a local shopping centre, directly in front of one of the two main entrance ways, which of course led to a bit of a traffic jam and some confusion.

After I'd waited for a minute to see what the police person was going to do with their vehicle, I attempted to drive around them, at which moment he decided to take off in his vehicle. At that point he expected every other vehicle and pedestrian to then get out of his way. It seems that the public is now expected to possess a psychic ability with which to interpret the movement of police vehicles.

While I was out shopping, I decided to have a look at some games for JD. Mindful of the need for an appropriate game for his age, I looked at the PG and the G games and was horrified to discover several G rated games that included themes like reincarnation, witchcraft, and fortune telling! These are supposed to be for children! The sad fact is that these same stores would not carry Christian themed games, but think it's perfectly acceptable to sell games based on other religions. (Yes witchcraft is a type of religion.) Nowadays, our society is encouraged to believe it's ok to discriminate against Christianity, as long as we don't mock any other religion.

Then, just before I left the shopping centre, I stopped for some lunch when two women behind me began a conversation. One asked the other how she was, and she replied in a pitiful voice, "I've been sooo sick, but decided to come out anyway." 

"Oh no!," I thought, "Please, please, please don't breathe your germs in my direction."

It's winter here in Australia, the worst time of year for flus and colds and this desperately sick girl thought it was ok to stop and share her germs with the crowd at the cafe.

For people like her and those who sneeze and cough without covering their mouths, I could hand them a card which reads, "I hope your other name isn't Typhoid Mary."

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