March 9, 2010

Doggy Deeds ©

Our two dogs are very different in temperament, and most of the time get along quite well though they don't often like playing with each other.

The older dog Scout is the police dog of the household. A very intelligent and energetic miniature foxy, she believes that it is her responsibility to maintain law and order in the household, especially with the other pets. Watching us, she has learned what is naughty behaviour and what is not, and when the other pets are naughty she will often rush over, growling at them and try to drag them away from what they are doing. Fortunately she doesn't try to do this with her human companions.

She is loyal and protective and on several occasions has stood between me and a group of large dogs, even though she was quaking with fear. 

Squeaking toys are the most wonderful objects in the world, according to Scout. In her mind they must be chewed to death until every last squeak has been extracted from it. Toys are very important in her world, and she understands the concept that objects each have a name. 
Rachel is a miniature foxy cross jack russell and is the cuddly dog of the household. She requires lots of attention to feel important and loves to lie on my ankles when I sit in front of the television. She is quite timid and because she is losing her sight, her fears continue to grow. Nowadays even a leaf blowing along the path will frighten her into a barking fit, because she can't see it, but she can see something is moving and she wants whatever it is, to know that she can see it.

Rachel doesn't care about toys much, unless there is food involved. Both of the dogs love food, but Rachel is obsessed with food. She will hover under the counter, under our legs, or near our ankles should there be even the slightest scent of food or the possibility of some dropping accidentally onto the floor. Food disappears down her gullet like she is a furry vacuum cleaner - taste is not as important as the act of consumption.

In a way it is good that the dogs are so different as they each appeal to our family members in different ways. But one of the three things the dogs have in common is their love of people, especially children. Next on their shared list is their fear of loud noises, and finally, despite us trying to make it a fun experience since they were puppies, both dogs loathe baths.

Scout will reluctantly slink into the bathroom, hoping desperately that she was mistaken, while Rachel will hide under or behind anything and hopes we won't find her. While they are wonderful furry companions, they definitely need to have regular baths. Dirty dog is not a pleasant smell.

Our home would not be the same without them - pets are great aren't they? ©

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