March 10, 2010

An Hour Free for Every Year You've Lived? ©

Am I crazy, or have the number of functions, groups and meetings I am attending this year increased to an almost unmanageable level? Am I just imagining it, or have I just gotten to the stage where my mind is crying out, "No more! Please! Have pity!"

I can't tell you the number of meetings that I have attended that nothing EVER resulted from. Just imagine if I could have all of those hours back again... what would I do with them? Imagine now if God came up to you tomorrow and said, "You have accumulated one hour for every year you have lived. You may may put this time to better use, what would you do?"

My friend Ana said that she would put the time into:

  • Bible Study;
  • relationships with people that she doesn't have a chance to catch up with;
  • making a difference in someone's life; and
  • hanging out with nature (go for a jog maybe)

For me, there always seems to be something that needs to be done, I can't help but think that 47 hours would simply not be enough! But if I had just 47 hours, I would need to plan for them so that I get the most out of them:
  • time for those little jobs around the house, eg getting the silly printer to talk to the computer;
  • spend time with my family;
  • time with God in prayer;
  • lots of miscellaneous things that I never seem to manage to complete; and
  • time for bit of silliness, such as splashing in puddles
I never seem to get the time to play in puddles any more. Mmmmm, perhaps this weekend I could go out with JD if we happen to get some rain.

Catchya later ... I think I might have some little boats to make. ©

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