March 17, 2010

Music in the Workplace ©

At many workplaces, the radio provides the only relief from either silence or the general hubbub. At my workplace I usually listen to the same station where I am a volunteer announcer. A community Christian radio station, Rhema FM is not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but I love the fact that it focusses so strongly on bringing positive music and programs to its listeners.

Most of its listeners are Christian, but there is a good sized component of non-Christians who tune in because they're sick of the rubbish on other stations and the gross or crude stuff that is aired nowadays.

It was while I was volunteering somewhere else recently that I realised that workplaces can produce music of their own. Many places including offices, have machines that can produce a good or interesting beat. Photocopiers or printers can have a steady rythym, while other types of machinery can produce a series of beats that you can put words to. Being a creative person who likes to work with words, my brain can't help but put words to a particular rhythm. I sometimes wonder if I had to work around a particular machine for a long period of time whether my brain could develop a sort of OCD with a single phrase in my mind repeating over and over and over to the machine's beat, even when I wasn't at work.

The new workplace where I'm helping out has a couple of different machines that create their own sound. Some have a really good rhythm, but the eyelet machine actually produced a musical sound. Though not strictly a melody, as the unpunched eyelets rolled around inside the metal holder before they moved into the shute, they produced a melodic rumble while emitting one or two clear musical notes. It was quite a harmonious sound, which is rather startling considering it wasn't deliberate. It was only a very simple two note melody, but with the background harmony I found it quite soothing.

I'm not quite sure what that says about my mind... ©

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