March 18, 2010

Warped Humour ©

I think my sense of humour is contagious! My good friend Ana has been renting my spare room for just over 3 years, and in that time has developed a distinct leaning towards warped humour since she moved in. In addition, young JD's sense of humour is keenly centred on bad puns and looking at the odd side of life.

A good indication of this is how we all sometimes blurt out a similar kind of joke or comment during our conversations. We even see similar things in cloud formations, which definitely indicates some of synchronicity doesn't it?

I like to believe that this is a good thing, and all of the doctors in their white coats can't persuade me otherwise.

But it's still good to come up with comments or ideas that the other two haven't thought of yet. An example of this occurred today when I suggsted that the day after St Paddy's Day should possibly be called AA or Get Over Your Hangover Day.

Then again recently we were driving around in my car with our two dogs in the back seat. Suddenly our mini foxy Scout leapt to the window, eyes and ears forward, her attention focussed on something nearby. I realised why as we drove past the cemetary - she could sense the bones! ©

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