April 26, 2010

Car-Razy ©

There are moments in your life when your brain simply refuses to believe what it is hearing. Those experiences tend to be more of the negative and painful variety, but one January, I had one of those brain freeze moments which was of the positive kind.

One Monday I received a call on my mobile phone claiming to be from the State Head Office of a fast food chain and advising that I had won a brand new car, the major prize in a recent competition. As you can imagine, my first response was the thought "Ok, who's the wise guy, and which of my cheeky friends put them up to it?"

The caller was blathering on with the details of the car that I had supposedly won, but all that was going through my mind was "Whoever set up this joke, just doesn't know when to quit!"

We got to the end of the conversation and I said, "Could I have your phone number? I hope you don't think I'm rude, but I really don't believe what you're telling me."

He gave his number and while I was phoning back, I looked up the phone number for their head office on the white pages on the internet. The numbers matched! That's when I began to suspect that the whole thing was legitimate, and I had in fact won a brand new Kia Rio hatchback.

After confirming my wonderful win and finally getting my own mind to accept that the whole thing was real, it was interesting watching people's reactions when I told them the news. The most typical response was an exclaimed "What!" after which I repeated my news that I had won a car. The usual follow-up response was a delighted "Really?!"

A friend of mine who is in the counselling field, said that my own response was very typical. I was a little disgruntled to hear that because I've always prided myself on being anything but ordinary and every-day, and there I was having a common, completely predictable and ordinary reaction.

I would like it noted right here and now that I am anything but average. Actually, I understand that most people in the world feel the same way. Most people do not want to believe that they are average, so I am typical and average after all....DARN IT! 


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