April 15, 2010


It's rather interesting the way one's mind can work isn't it? In fact, it was after working at some twisty ruminations of my thoughts, that young JD and I came up with a rather intriguing theory:
any object that ends with the letters "OON" is somehow connected to the moon.

So, sit back, unwind your mind and get ready for the ride. Let's start with an easy one:

Balloon is lunar related because it's round like the moon.

Cartoons are linked to the moon because before movie animation, in comics each character spoke using a speech balloon and we already know how balloon is related to the moon.

When you consider the word buffoon, another word for buffoon would be clown and what do we often see clowns carrying around? That's right a balloon... which takes us straight back to moon.

While one end of a spoon is round like the moon, it is also related in that when the moon is only a sliver suspended in the sky, it may look like a bowl and you need a spoon for your bowl don't you? Do you see where we are going here?

A bird called the loon can often be heard at night where you may even suggest the loon appears to be calling to the moon.

Noon is at the opposite side of the night where the moon is.

A goon is another word for a silly or crazy person, otherwise known as a lunatic, and we get the word lunatic from lunar which is related to the moon.

Then there's the musical instrument the bassoon which can sound somewhat like a cat caterwauling, and cats caterwaul at night when the moon can be seen.

Feeling spooked yet?

And finally there's "Coon" which is a brand of cheese, and what is the moon made of? Yep, cheese!

All of this reminded me of a short story I wrote a few years ago. The challenge was to write about an unusual weapon to defeat your enemy.

My suggestion was to drill to the core of the moon and build an enormous bonfire inside it. Once the cheese began to melt on the inside of the moon, we would plug up the hole, wait until the moon was pointed directly over our enemy's country and then uncork it. At that point, the melted cheese would pour down everywhere, gumming up the enemy's roads and buildings, covering their armies and weapons in a sticky, gooey mess.

Then we'd simply swarm into the country and take it over. A plan with hardly any loss of life - that sounds like a fairly gouda plan to me. ©

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