April 16, 2010

Quirky Photos

Some time ago I put together some silly photos of me taken from iconic movies & scenes - just for a bit of fun: here they are:

The Ghost & Miss Vicki

Ms Adams & Family

Raiders of the Lost Handbag

Princess Vicki

The Time Machine combo Washer/Dryer, comes with its own (regrettably unattractive) masseuse.

When Harry Met Vicki: "No we are NOT going back to that restaurant again!"

"We're Singing in the .... dang, what's that word? Shower? Storm? No...Singing in the puddles?....

Kids I told you to stop putting fish oil in your hair, now the seagulls are chasing us again!

Oooh! Giggle! Now I'm all goose-bumpy!

I'm in the mood for an adventure in the war and the snow with a doctor.

Breakfast at Vicki's

Here's looking at you Vicki.

I had a sudden hankering to yodel!

After Vicki took her sick dinosaur to the vets, she couldn't afford to pay the bill, so she let her dinosaur eat him.


It was half-way through painting the Mona Vicki that Da Vinci decided that his model looked far too chirpy.

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