April 12, 2010

New Newspaper Column

I've had a trivia-based column in the weekly local newspaper for over five years now. 

Then a few months ago I heard the free weekly paper was being revamped and I contacted the editor about including some of the humorous personal items that I've written for my radio program. I figured, the worst they could do was say no.

I provided some samples of my work, and the editor read some of it to her husband. Since they both thought it was funny, she decided to include the humorous personal item in the weekly paper as well on occasion.

The main reason I started writing the first column was to encourage people to tune into our alternative Christian radio station, where I do the breakfast announcing.

Last Thursday, as I was busily getting things ready at the station, my friend Ana said to me, "You've got a column in today's paper."

"Ok," I thought, "She must be reading the weekly free paper."

But NO ... it was the DAILY newspaper, because their own columnists had not provided enough material. Wow! What a hoot! They've called it "A Bit of Thursday Nonsense." 

It's fantastic exposure for my program and the station, plus I get my personally written items published! I'm so excited! What a shame it's unpaid!

And now the pressure is really on to come up with a regular weekly column. I've always struggled to write an article once a fortnight, let alone once a week, so this should prove interesting.

Fortunately I have several months worth of articles up my sleeve, but I mustn't get complacent.

The challenge is not the writing, but finding something interesting to write about that I can make both readable and humorous.

Guess I'd get my brain into gear and put some thought into what I can write about next... how about the difficulties of writing a column? Nah! The readers probably wouldn't have much sympathy for that. Cramped fingers from all that typing? Cramped brain?

I think I'm starting to sound desperate. 


NB: 150410: Phew! Big sigh of relief - no column in the daily paper today, so some of the pressure is off. Their regular writer must have been unavailable last time, so they used one of my articles.

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