April 13, 2010

Radio Rewind ©

I've started a new segment on my radio program called "Radio Rewind" where the listeners can hear radio programs of yesteryear. The larger programs I break up into smaller segments totalling no more than ten minutes in length. Here's the sound bite I created to introduce the segment each week.

For the last 3 weeks I've been playing parts 1 to 3 of "Amos and Andy" - the Cat-burglar episode. A comedy dating probably at least as early as the 1940's. This politically incorrect show was probably a favourite of its era when the majority of the population was completely unaware of how rude it was to make out that African Americans talked differently to white people and lived in a certain manner.

Next Wednesday I'll be airing the first part of 3 of a science-fiction program called "The Avenger." This particular episode is called "The Mystery of the Giant Brain." 

Some of these classic science-fiction episodes are hilarious and so naive ... and really, truly BAD!

I'm quite enjoying sharing these old programs, and have listeners already who look forward to this weekly spot. ©

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