April 16, 2010

Personal Photos

I decided to combine all of my personal photos into the one entry, rather than in a long list at the side.

The earliest photo of me.

I'm a little cutie at 3.

I'm about 4 here.

I'm probably about 6 or 7 here.

Likely I was around 9 years of age.

Just about 12 here, about the time my hair started going crazy & curly.

I'm around 18 here with my little sister.

Here I am dressed up for my 40th Birthday party. The theme was "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly." I went dressed as a Fairy Godmother.

Announcing in 2009 - while I was blonde.

For my 44th birthday I shouted myself a ride on a tiger-moth: fantastic!

In early 2008 I won a beautiful Kia Rio LX. This was in direct response to prayers asking for financial assistance in purchasing a 2nd hand car. But God decided to go one better and got me a new one!

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