May 6, 2010

Donald Duck's Cousin ©

We made a trip up to see my mother today. While I normally wouldn't take JD out of school unless absolutely necessary, we couldn't see mum this weekend for Mother's Day due to other commitments, and so we decided to go today instead. 

As usual, the trip up was fairly uneventful. Ana, JD and I talked for a while, then I put in one of my compilation CDs and Joey groaned - because he knew I would sing along. It's not because I can't sing (in fact I can sing very well), but just because of the fact that it wasn't the most modern music and he would still have to put up with my singing the rest of the trip... and home again. 

The first CD we played was a combination of music dating right from the 50s through to early 90s, and at every opportunity JD would show his disgust at certain tracks by pretending he was going to switch it to the next track. When he first started doing that some time ago, I would immediately react by telling him to stop it. Now I just ignore him, because he knows that as long as I drive the car, the music choice is mine.

While I enjoy modern Christian music (and some non-Christian), I don't know the tracks well enough to sing along to. The reason I require songs I know well is because I need to keep both sides of my brain occupied at the same time otherwise I begin to feel sleepy when I drive. Singing occupies the creative part of my brain, while driving uses the other part of my brain. 

This has worked well for me for years, and was also a technique I used when I was at school and college. No, I don't mean that I sang out loud in class, rather that I needed to doodle to occupy the creative side of my mind. Most of my notes were covered in little sketches, cartoons and scribbles up and down the sides of the page. This was rather embarrassing when I had to hand in my notes to one of my lecturers at the end of the semester. Fortunately I hadn't drawn any silly pictures of my lecturer making a stupid joke.

So on the trip back from mum's, JD tried out a few of his own jokes on us. I think he was hoping I was going to forget about singing. Somewhere along the track JD started trying to talk like Donald Duck. I began giving him cheek in Donald Duck and before we knew it, we were singing along to the CD in Donald Duck. Ana giggled at us from the back seat, because it was practically impossible to understand what we were saying.

I quickly came to the realisation that it's impossible to sing in Donald Duck without spitting everywhere. ©

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