July 21, 2010

Re-Arranging Furniture & Some New Photos

Today we had a 2nd-hand desk delivered which I purchased last week. We've had to put up with a broken desk for several months now, and so when I spotted this one at the Salvation Army store, I thought it would fit in quite well, and it wasn't too expensive. This one is longer and means that both JD and I can sit down together when he needs help with his homework. 

So several hours today I spent putting everything back together again, including the computer, printer etc and finding places for most other items. In addition, I managed to find an hour to program a new universal remote we purchased since we have a talent for regularly destroying our TV and DVD remotes. And yay, we can now access everything via the one remote.

And just when you thought I couldn't find more to do, I managed to snap a couple of photos as well.

Now having no further use for an old shelf-stand, we've placed it over the mini-freezer (which we also had to move) and presto - a three level viewing platform at the window for our cats. They LOVE it! Since they rarely get outdoors, they can at least be voyeurs.

At the top is Cinnamon, second shelf is Larci (who has his own blog as a superhero cat), and at the bottom is Stanley, the elderly gentleman of the house.

And just outside the window today I spotted a couple of native flowers and a hungry laughing kookaburra, which I am enclosing for your enjoyment.

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