September 14, 2010

Larci the Larrican

Larci our larrican ginger and white cat, has been a little crazy for the past few days. When he gets into moods like this, you have to watch your fingers, arms, elbows etc so that he doesn't try to bite them. He seems to have a special affinity with me - when it comes to biting and scratching that is, though he doesn't always reserve his special attention just for me.

Following are a series of photos of his progression from a seemingly quiet mood to one of "Stay out of my way, because I think I'm about to go nuts!"
I'm a sweet, innocent little puddy tat.
I'm as quiet as a lamb.
Just look at how I sit so lovingly with my stepbrother Stanley.
And then he decides to start a fight.
And then wants to run away, the wuss!
And so what am I going to do now? Mmmmm?
This chair looks like it would be great fun to play on!
And to bite and scratch and kick! Yeah!
It evens feels good to bite from up here on top of the freezer.
Phew! Ok, that was fun ... now what?
I'd really love to be able to get up to some mischief outside..
But since I'm stuck in here ...
I'm going to just have to entertain myself somehow.
Perhaps I could hang around here for a bit ...
And then try out my new exercise routine.
First you stretch to the left and push your feet out
till you can feel the screen about to pop.
And then kinda stretch up with your chin in the air...
And then swing your body over without
moving your front legs ... I think.
And then you kind of push your shoulders to .... oops!
I think I know what a pretzel feels like.
Oh forget it! Can I play with you instead?
Hey, can I borrow your camera? I want
to show you what the other cats get up to
when you're not looking.

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