September 15, 2010

Some found photos

My computer has been a bit sluggish lately - even before it picked up a virus! Last week I went onto a website for photos of Dolly Parton and hey presto, it had uploaded programs onto my computer without my knowledge and started infiltrating everywhere. Despite my good firewall and anti-virus system, it still managed to bypass it - in fact it wouldn't even let me access my anti-virus program. Anyway, the hard-drive went to the computer shop for a few days and the naughty virus was wiped off and the disk defragmented.

When I reconnected it though, I found it was still quite sluggish. Knowing my knack of taking very large photos, I went through my system and found that my photos (and movies) were about 18Gb. Mmmm, so I spent several more hours last night tidying up and reducing photos to more manageable sizes. So, we'll see if that makes a difference.

The point of the story is that I found some photos I had forgotten I had or thought I'd lost, as they'd been copied into the wrong directories. I thought you might like to see some photos from some of my travels in the last couple of years.

Gold Coast Hinterlands
Natural Cave and waterfall in Gold Coast hinterlands
This waterfall goes straight down into the cave shown above
North of Melbourne
Mounds of rock seem to bubble up out of
the ground in this area north of Melbourne
Sometimes hills seem to be covered with rocks,
while other areas just seem to sport a small crop of them.
Some more of the rocky hillsides.

Brisbane River with its steamboat

Japanese gardens at Mt Coot-tha near Brisbane

Capricorn Caves

Capricorn Caves entrance (north of Rockhampton)
Inside some of the caves
The caves are lit artificially and the walkways help to move around

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