September 27, 2010

Odd Thoughts

Anyone who knows me well will probably not be astounded that I regularly come up with some odd thoughts and ideas. From my interaction with others, I know I am not alone.

For example, a few weeks ago as I was travelling back to my home-town by train, I spotted a blue tractor.

"Do tractors come in more than one colour?" I wondered.

As the train passed by some more farms I was mildly surprised to spot an orange tractor, a white tractor and finally a red tractor. So then my next query was, do they go through colour phases like cars? 

"Were all tractors between 1983 and 1988 blue? Was that the fashion then? Is it more fashionable to have a red tractor at the moment? Do tractor manufacturers have to take macho preferences into consideration when developing their next line of tractors? Are then any colours that they won't paint a tractor?"

"I can't imagine any Australian farmers willing to buy a tractor in sissy colours like purple or pink. His neighbours might start talking."

Sometimes my random thoughts end up as blog entries and/or newspaper articles, but often they're so random with no real links to anything else that I simply can't write anything more than a few lines, eg the time I looked at a walnut (minus the shell).

"Mmm," I thought, "I imagine this looks something like an elf's brain."

But what further line of thought could I possibly develop from that?

Sometimes I discover important facts purely by accident, such as our remote control holder at home is the perfect size for holding a family sized block of chocolate. My mind of course imagined that this was deliberate. The manufacturers had obviously taken the important requirement for chocolate consumption whilst watching TV or a DVD into consideration when developing their product.

And while I would like most areas of my life to somehow be connected to the consumption of chocolate, we sometimes do have to take medicine as well.

Currently I am forcing myself to swallow down compressed fish oil each day to help with an arthritic knee. While this is quite disgusting to consume, my friend Ana has had medicine that was even worse.

Ana mentioned that she once had some peppermint antacid which she swore was like trying to drink foot-lotion.

I've had something worse-tasting than that! I recall having to swallow several amounts of barrier meal in order to x-ray my gastric reflux. Barrier meal tastes like what I imagine nuclear waste must taste like.

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