September 28, 2010

Weird Web

While online auction websites can be a great place to find items to purchase, sometimes they simply do not have those hard to find things. 

Sometimes, I go searching on the internet for shops in my own country that sell the item I am looking for.

What I discovered though, is that when you search for a particular item, the search-engine can come up with some pretty strange choices. Following are some of the results I found when searching for particular items.

A search for 'large cotton robe', resulted in:
  • radiation safety and protection plan; and
  • guide to choosing a horse rug 

"Of course," I thought to myself, "That's exactly what one thinks of when wanting to purchase a terry-toweling bath-robe.

After a recent blog entry in which I wrote about a 'singing cast-maker', I thought I'd do a search on that phrase which resulted in:

  • Encyclopedia of the romantic era;
  • Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts; 
  • Ringtone: Fallout Shelter; and
  • Caesar or Nothing

There's probably some obvious connection here, but I seem to be missing it!

I also did a search for a game called "light the candle" which resulted in a rather interesting entry from WikiHow called:
"How to light a candle: 12 steps"
And I always thought lighting a candle was easy. Obviously I'm missing out on some vital steps.

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