October 7, 2010

I'm Undergoing a Transformation

For the past nine or ten years, I have been getting my hair chemically straightened and blonded. Earlier in the year, because of financial constraints, I had to stop blonding my hair, and eventually stopped getting it straightened as well. So I went from this:

And then as the straight hair grew out and my natural hair grew in, the result was:
my crazy, naturally frizzy curly hair came back! 
Last weekend I had the last of my straight hair cut off because it stuck out and made me look like a scarecrow. On the right is a gorgeous picture of my hair, as styled by young JD. He thinks my hair is great fun. 

Instead, now that my hair is much, much shorter (about 6cm long) I have a look that I lovingly like to call a "pensioner perm." This is the look that old ladies love - my mum loves it, and most older ladies would kill to have my hair. I could almost kill, not to have it.

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