October 8, 2010

Cuckoo Cats

Larci, has always been a bit of a larrikin. He loves to play, and treats all human beings as if we are toys for his own special form of amusement, which is usually connected with the over-exuberant use of his teeth and claws.

When he was a youngster, he discovered by accident, that our spare office chair is on wheels. Nowadays, when he enters the room, he has to launch himself onto the chair so that it rolls across the floor. He enjoys the ride, but most especially enjoys showing off his skills to us humans.

Our youngest furry member has just recently found the office chair as well. She was introduced to it by my youngster JD. He placed Cinnamon on the chair and spun it around and around until she got giddy. Cinnamon thought it was great fun. 

The other day she pushed the back of the chair so that it began to spin around, then she jumped on, hunkered down and waited for the ride. Unfortunately she was quite disappointed because it slowed down almost immediately. The clever little minx has figured out how to spin the chair herself.

They are two cheeky little beggars - way too clever for their own good sometimes, but they sure do keep us entertained!

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