October 9, 2010

Titanic Televisions

After picking up a 15 year old home decorating magazine in a medical waiting room, I made a rather interesting discovery: during the past decade or so, our televisions seem to have grown out of control. I gazed at the old magazine's photo of a quite modern looking lounge-room proudly displaying a miniscule 48cm television in its cabinet. It appears that sometime during the last 15 years, some electrical goods companies have gone about breeding goliath proportioned television sets and have convinced us that it is a must-have possession.

But another item seems to be insidiously linked to the growing television phenomenon. Picking up a more recent home decorating magazine, an article informed me that homes have grown 1½ to 2 times the size they were twenty years ago.

To me it was obvious that the reason that we've had to build bigger houses is so we can fit in our larger TV sets.

And at the same time this has been occurring, there has been a further disturbing trend with mobile phones. The number of mobile phones has increased exponentially with the growth in televisions and houses. 

On the other hand, the mobile phones themselves have shrunk to almost ridiculous proportions. While I realise that it's partly because of convenience, it dawned on me that mobile phone companies have been quite sneaky and clever. Because our homes have grown so large, it means that it's easier for us to lose our mobile phones in them. So all around the country, in large rambling homes springing up all over the countryside, there are shriveled up, lost little mobile phone that will resurface one day when somebody picks up a piece of lint from the floor and finds one underneath. If I was in any way paranoid, I might think that television makers, architects, and mobile phone manufacturers are in cahoots.

Don't get me started on my theory about the connections between bigger houses, larger televisions and our seemingly expanding bottoms.

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