December 17, 2010

At last - Decent Photos of a Male and Female Stormbird (Common Koel)

The common koel or stormbirds as we locals call them, have continued to prove elusive for me when it comes to photography. They often rest in the large tree out behind our back porch, calling out to others, but will hide way in the rear if the tree, behind branches and leaves. In fact, if they are out in the open, when they see me coming out of the back door with my camera, I swear they scuttle off behind foliage and branches so that I can't get a decent photo. This has been going on for months now and has been quite frustrating.

What's particularly difficult is that the males are so black that even if I manage to snap a photo, their plumage is too difficult to identify any kind of detail and they simply look like a black blob amongst the shadows of the tree.

During some recent heavy rain I spotted a female stormbird, trying to keep dry in the palm tree next door and snapped a few reasonable photos. I've had considerable difficulty obtaining a photo of a female, and was delighted to snap this one.
Common Koel - juvenile female
(Eudynamys scolopacea)
Recently just prior to a storm, we noticed several male stormbirds flying around and I heard one calling from a palm tree near our front verandah. Grabbing my camera I was able to snap a number of photos using my flash which enabled me to get some detail of the male's black plumage as well as its intensely red eyes.
Common Koel - male
(Eudynamys scolopacea)
Finally, after months and months of endeavour, I now have photos of both a male and a female common koel.

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