December 16, 2010

Do Electric Reindeers Eat Electric Grass?

Recently we went for a drive to check out the Christmas lights in different suburbs of our town. As usual, there were displays from the simple to the ridiculously over the top. 

Photo by: Arriva436
wiki/File:Godshill Old World Tea Rooms Christmas Lights 3.jpg)
Some of the over-the-top displays looked seriously tacky, though JD took pains to remind me that at least the home-owners got into the Christmas spirit. 

For some people though it seemed almost to be a competition to see how many different kinds of Santa Claus they could squash into their display without blowing the fuses or blinding their neighbours. 

In fact, some displays were so bright, I imagine the next door neighbours must have to wear sunglasses to bed to enable them to sleep.

We stopped at one home to admire the display when the home-owner's young daughter came out with a basket of lollies and offered some to us. The three youngsters in the back seat of our car thought it was delightful and JD's friend suggested that it should be a mandatory requirement at every brightly lit home. For some reason he thought we should drive around and around that particular area in the hopes of seeing more lights. I think he also hoped we would might accidentally go back to re-admire the house with the lolly girl.

One of our passengers, a seven year old girl, was quite enthusiastic when she saw the moving lighted displays. This year moving reindeers seem to be quite popular. One such display was raising and lowering its head as if eating the grass. I then asked, "Would electric reindeers eat electric grass?"

The agreement, after some discussion was that if the electric reindeers eat electric grass, then they would probably poop out little fairy lights.

Ah ..... Christmas!

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