January 6, 2011

My MailBox Makeover

In an earlier blog entry I may have whinged a little about the difficulties in obtaining an unusual letterbox. Since then I have discovered a whole new world of different letterboxes in the one continent, but not Australia. It appears that we Aussies are simply too unadventurous in our mailbox choices.

I wanted to have a mailbox that looked like a genie lamp but my response to the request so far has been met with laughter and "Don't be silly, it can't be done." So, discouraged and despondent I decided to investigate further for a suitable item that would be quirky and the correct size for mail.

I went through various options for a new letterbox including a large teapot or kettle (nothing was big enough), a rocket (nothing suitable), a treasure chest (not even a hint of something suitable) and even one of my favourites, the Tardis from Dr Who (nothing available in the right size or price range). The Tardis would have been a pretty amazing letterbox to have, but after further research I settled on a lighthouse, especially when I found one to fill my needs for under $40!

Here it is incompleted as it still needs further work and I'm hoping to get my stepfather involved in this project. The lighthouse will require sanding and painting and some few extra windows in the front along with a mail-slot. Then it will require either glass or perspex in its windows to stop water getting in. In addition, the hatch/door will need to be able to seal so that the letters won't get wet. It should have a stand like the genie lamp above so that larger letters and catalogues can be placed in it. Finally I want a hole to be carved through the top and have a solar light in it.

The lighthouse has now been purchased and since my birthday is not until June, that will give my stepfather a few months to work on it. He's been working with model airplanes for years, so I'm sure this will be right up his alley.

So, what do you think of my choice? Quirky but functional.

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