February 18, 2011

Photos Of Our Recent Furry Visitor

For the past few months, we've had a very hungry brushtail possum visiting us on our back verandah. At first I couldn't figure out where all of our birdseed was disappearing. And then one night I heard the possum lifting up the lid and helping himself to handfuls of delicious birdseed. At the rate he was eating it, it was going to cost me a fortune in birdseed each week.

Meantime, to discourage him from stuffing the entire contents of the bird-feeder down his throat, we've been leaving out over-ripe fruit, ends of skins of fruit and even some vegetables, but alas, he's just added that to his varied menu and eats the birdseed anyway.

He's such a shy little fellow, that it wasn't until a few nights back that I managed to snaffle a couple of good photos of him.
Nashi Pear
Photo author:
Roger Zenner

I heard the possum on the clothesline the other night and after I had cut up an old nashi pear I'd had in the fridge, I quietly went outside and sidled up to the possum, with a piece of the pear in my outstretched hand. The possum took the piece of fruit from me and began to eat it! Even though he was afraid of me, his hunger outweighed his fear.

As long as I wasn't looking directly at him, he didn't feel quite so threatened, but eventually he scampered to the top of the clothesline and ate the rest of his piece there. I left the rest of the nashi out for him to eat later.

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