February 8, 2011

Score! A $10 music keyboard and a $50 Desk

Photo author: AboundingHinata
JD and I went to the second-hand shop run by Endeavour Foundation today. They have some good second-hand items there, as does the Salvation Army store on occasion. In fact the desk that I'm typing on at the moment was under $80 and is longer than a standard desk with lots of storage which I purchased from the Salvos Store several months back.

A month and a half ago, after Ana moved out, JD and made some moves and changes in our bedrooms. I moved from the main bedroom to Ana's old room, and the two beds that JD had in his room went into the larger main room, while Ana's old ensemble bed has gone to JD. But since the two beds that had been in JD's room had their own built in desks, it has meant that JD has been without a desk to work at after school, so we went in specifically to look at purchasing a second-hand desk. 

Unfortunately there were no desks that were suitable because they were too large. But while we were there we snapped up a $10 music keyboard. As I sit typing this, I can hear JD having the time of his life in his room on it now.

I've started teaching him basic chords and as he pretty much knows the keys, I will endeavour to find him some easy music to try out. After I finish this, and while our dinner finishes cooking, I'll do a search on the net.

The other bargain we purchased was a new, but very basic computer desk for $50 that will suit him for his purposes. With a limited amount of space in his room, we had to find one that was going to fit into the remaining area along JD's wall, but not take up too much space.

After I check out the music, I shall have to start my homework to be handed in next week. It will be good to start that tonight.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to be able to get back to the radio. I'll chat some more with you about what's happening with my announcing next time.

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