March 3, 2011

My Senses Tell Me That Other's Senses Aren't Making Sense (PG rated)

I'm finding it more and more difficult nowadays for find anything worthwhile to watch on television or in movies that isn't graphic, offensive or quite repulsively disgusting. Sure I often get out family movies, but sometimes they can be a little too childish for my tastes. Is it too much to to ask for a grown-up movie which isn't offensive?

It seems that while my sense of taste and moral standards is standing still, the "acceptable" standards for movies and television is going downhill fast. Certainly I've noticed a decline in the last 30 years, but recently I've been quite horrified by the level of graphic scenes, almost bordering on pornography and the use of foul language. At this rate of decline, I'm horrified to imagine what movies are going to be like in 30 years. I

One movie I watched recently which I knew was M rated, was "Going the Distance" with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. I feel like I've missed some important turning point in the movie industry without knowing it, because I found this movie (and so many others nowadays) a repulsive turn-off. I didn't find it amusing, I was too busy fast forwarding through the ongoing repulsive sexual talk that seemed to occupy a major portion of the first half of the movie.

Our society today has become so blase about the whole jumping into bed on the first date kind of thing, that it seems a rare treat to actually find a movie where they DON'T sleep together. Why has sex become like a leisure activity rather than a special intimacy that two people in love share? I find it so disheartening that so many young people have never been told that sex between loving couples can be really special, if one's body hasn't been shared around. Perhaps that concept to many people is not possible anymore, and in fact people do not even seem to be given abstinence as a viable alternative.
Kristen Bell

It seems that my movie choices are becoming more and more limited as our morals continue to decline. 

Fortunately, there are still the occasional grown-up movies that crop up every now and then that don't make me reach for the remote control, such as "You Again" with Jamie-Lee Curtis, Sigourney Weaver , Betty White and Kristen Bell which I watched the other night. I think it will strike a chord with many of us girls who weren't popular at school and also challenges us to not make assumptions that people will never change.

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