April 8, 2010

Is There a Link? ©

While it seems that the chocolate population has exploded at the shops in the lead up to Easter, the butterfly population has also gone crazy as well. Since the rains we had for several weeks in February and March, caterpillars having been turning into moths and butterflies by their thousands, and everywhere we drive (even up to an hour away from our hometown) we can't help but notice the throngs of butterflies and moths darting about.

It's quite a lovely sight and at home they've been going nuts over our China Girl bushes and other flowering plants, and getting in ahead of the nectar-eating birds.

So I'm left wondering if there's a link between the chocolate explosion and the increase in butterfly numbers.
Here are some photos I've taken recently:

I'll try to include some bird photos I've taken in the next few blog entries. There are more than 220 bird species in the local region which means that more than 27% of Australia's bird species can be found in the area. ©

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