September 29, 2010

Romantic Destinations in the UK

Years ago, I recall reading a list of some silly place names in the USA and Australia. I had forgotten about it until just recently when by accident I found the place names "Little Snoring" and "Great Snoring" in the UK.

(FYI: Little Snoring is a village north-north east of London in the county of Norfolk and Great Snoring is located in the east in the UK in North Norfolk.)

"Wow! What great names," I thought.

But rather than repeat what's already been done multiple times by others, ie create a list of the silliest names , I thought it would be nice to find some lovely romantic ones.

Then if anyone wants to go for a honeymoon for example, one of the couple might like to organise a trip to romantic sounding destinations.

Here then is a list of places in the UK:
  • Caring
  • Church Town
  • Cupid's Hill
  • Darling’s Hill, Darling Fell, Darling How, Darling Field,
  • Fancy
  • Gentleman’s Cave
  • Heart's Delight
  • Honeypot
  • Husbandtown
  • Kissock, Kissthorn Farm
  • Loves Green, Lover, Lover’s Lake, Love lane, Love Lodge, Loves, Lover’s Leap, Loves Farm, Love’s Hill
  • Red Roses
  • Sweet Bit
  • Sweet Hope
  • Sweetheart Abbey
  • Truelove
  • Valentine's Park (London)
  • Weddington
  • Yearn Hope

I then thought that as a single woman,I could create single women's tours with the second last place on the tour being at Husbandtown and the final destination being Truelove. Mmmm, sounds like a winner!

But I would definitely have to say that my favourite romantic destination in the UK is "Isle of Ewe" off the coast of Scotland.
For more interesting place names in the UK go to and search to your heart's content.

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