July 10, 2011

Alcohol + Fastfood + Drivethrough = Idiot

JD, Ana and I grabbed a quick meal tonight at a local chicken fastfood joint. JD decided it would be hilarious to crow like a rooster into the speakers where we placed our order. I said, "JD I'm sure that the staff here have heard almost every possible, silly thing that people can come up with to say or do at these drive-throughs. Nothing you will do is likely to phase them, let alone impress them." And I forbid him from doing anything silly.

I'm not sure why people believe it's ok to do silly things at a fastfood drive-through, that they would normally never be seen doing out in public where people might know them. Frankly, if they won't do it out in public, they shouldn't inflict their terrible sense of humour on the staff at fastfood places because it simply shows that they're really cowards at heart.

In an earlier blog entry I mentioned that my flatmate JayCee works at a fastfood place, oftentimes on the drive-through. Recently she's been subjected to the newest thing since "planking" called "coning." People ask for an ice-cream in a cone, then when it's served to them they ask the staff member to place the cone, ice-cream side downwards into their hands. They then drive off. I thought planking was silly enough, but this one makes no sense because it just makes a mess of the inside of their car and makes it difficult to drive with sticky hands.

Then to make matters worse, poor JayCee was subjected to a silly-string attack in the face while she was serving. The culprits were inebriated. It's not the first time JayCee has been silly-stringed either.

It seems the dumbest pranks are played by the more inebriated members of our society. I wonder if it seems so hilarious to them when they wake up the next morning.

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