July 7, 2011

Cheese and Mutant Vampire Piglets

I've seen movies and read books that have suggested that partaking in rich or spicy foods or snacks before bed-time can affect one's dreams. I've always taken this idea with a grain of salt, and thought uncharitably, that the suggestions came from people with overactive imaginations or was simply an old wive's tale.

One evening recently, I enjoyed some rather rich cheese (Havarti and Brie) and some healthy cracker biscuits before cleaning my teeth and heading off to bed.

That night I had some of the weirdest dreams I've had in years: the main one that made any kind of sense (if you can call it that) was about mutant vampire piglets and kittens that I had to rescue before they developed blood lust, in the hope that they could be given an antidote. Meantime we were being pursued by the real vampires who were trying to prevent me from rescuing them, and from telling the world that vampires existed.

Weird huh?

I also had another strange dream where everyone that was in it, including myself, were odd shaped pieces of toys that could be fitted together to make complete toys. Unfortunately a giant had taken control of the world and would not let any of us have our freedom and destroyed anyone who defied him. 

The whole idea of being a strange bit of plastic that was completely useless on its own, but was part of a larger item is quite strange. Perhaps it says something about how I see the world and its people: we should all get along because without each other, we are incomplete. Either that or it was simply a quite bizarre movie completely devoid of any deep and meaningful content whatsoever, and I should really avoid cheese before bed.

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