August 24, 2011

Cooberrie Park Animal Adventure: AKA How to Get a Parrot Bite

Last weekend a group of us went to Cooberrie Park near Yeppoon in Central Queensland, which is a wildlife park that cares for sick, rescued and orphaned animals. As a child I loved going there, because I have always had such a fondness for animals.

While there we also attended a wildlife show and got to hold a carpet python, an ecletus parrot and a blue-tongue gecko. I thought I'd take the opportunity to share some of the photos I obtained while I was there. 
This Carpet Python was amazing to hold!
A cassowary chick
Up close and personal with an adult cassowary
An adult cassowary
Lace monitor also known as a goanna
Jumping mouse (though this one
seemed to be having a snooze
in his food bowl)
Female eclectus parrot found in the Solomon Islands.
The males are a different colour to the females,
and for many years, scientists thought they
were different species of parrot.
Tawny frogmouth
JayCee and I were delighted to handle
this 14kg carpet python - amazing creatures!

Cooberrie Park has undergone some changes over the years, but the essentials remain the same: it is a great place for close encounters with Aussie animals such as wallabies and kangaroos. In my case, the encounter was a little too close and personal when an eclectus parrot decided my finger looked rather tasty. 
Parrot bite - otherwise known as OUCH!

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