June 18, 2011

Our Home: Full to Overflowing

Last weekend we had a very full house with two of my friends staying over two nights, and one of JD's staying one night. We barely had enough blankets and quilts to go around, and despite the more crowded home, it was lovely to have everyone here.

Ana stayed for a couple of nights and brought over her mother's dog which she was babysitting while her mother was away. The dog "Manu" is a schitzu and Ana says he reminds her of the "Luck Dragon" in the "Neverending Story" movies.
Does Manu look like the Luck Dragon from the
"Neverending Story" movies?
While Manu has met most of our furry family before, he hadn't met our newest addition Genevieve, the long-haired chihuahua x pomeranian. At first there was a wary stand-off between the two, and before long the two developed a deep affection for each other and would play till they were exhausted. Mock-fighting with play growls and pretend nips, the two are now fast friends. We suspect though that each may have developed puppy love.
Manu and Genevieve play fighting with each other.
"Your growling is hardly enough to scare a fly," says Manu.
"I am bigger than you!" insists Genevieve still trying to
scare Manu, who looks less than convinced.
It was also during the weekend that my flatmate JayCee fell asleep on the lounge with our lovely black and white cat Stanley one afternoon. Stanley made himself right at home, resting and eventually falling asleep on the same pillow as JayCee.
Stanley the cat shared JayCee's pillow on the lounge.

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