August 29, 2011

NEWS: I'm Moving to Hervey Bay

I have often been heard singing the praises of Gladstone: it's a lovely family town, close to the beach and the bush. Unfortunately this has begun to change.

When I moved here 16 years ago, I loved the "little town" appeal of the place and its people, but with some further industry moving to the area, there has been a huge influx of workers to the region which has seen a significant change in the little town. Along with the increasing "outsiders," many of the locals have had to leave the town simply because they can no longer afford the rents here. Just recently I heard of a couple with one child who have to share their rental home with another couple just to survive. They're paying around $700 per week in rent. Additionally, there continues to be a serious increase in traffic, with one road nearby doubling in volume in just 12 months.

So it has been with some reluctance, that I have had to consider moving towns because I had always enjoyed living in Gladstone. My enjoyment has been decreasing and I really don't like the way the town is growing. Sure it's good that a town grows, but it's no longer the little friendly town that I had come to love.

There have been a number of reasons for my decision to move, the main one being that I believe that God is leading me away from Gladstone and to Hervey Bay. Other reasons include a major financial one in that it will halve my home loan and make my repayments much more manageable while I am living on a pension. Selling in Gladstone means that I can purchase a brand new brick home for much less in Hervey Bay. I will be putting in an offer on a new one tomorrow, which will depend on what price I get for my current home, and how soon I can sell it.

The new home backs onto a local high school and is situated in a quiet area. So, without further ado ... you are one of the first to get a glimpse of my yet to be completed home:
The entrance to hopefully, my new home
I love the bay window at the entrance.
The lounge-room is enormous: just what I was looking for.
I love the connection from the kitchen to the lounge
which means that I can talk to guests while I'm in there.
This is the dining area, but we will probably
make this into our games/computer area
The hallway from two of the four bedrooms that connects
with the dining/gaming room area and kitchen
The house is at the end of a cul-de-sac, but
unlike most cul-de-sacs has a large vehicle turn
around area and some extra parking for visitors.

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