February 11, 2011

My Target Has Been Reached: One Year of Blog Entries

On February 6 in 2010 I set a goal to try and write an entry every day in my new blog. With the business of life and various other things such as lack of access to the internet, illness, surgery, floods and absences, I did not reach my goal of 365 entries in my blog. BUT, I am happy to report that I managed to write a fairly impressive 324 entries during the past year, which is an average of 6.25 entries every week - which is close to my target.

The final item for the year's tally was the entry about Hitler's Impact on Men's Fashion.

And as you can see from the above title, there have been some rather interesting entries. Following are some of my favourites:

Thanks for coming along for the ride, or if you're a new reader, please feel free to go back and read some of the earlier entries, and of course, a comment or two is welcome.

Since I have now reached the one year goal, I will still be writing entries as regularly as I can, but because of the increasing business of my life, will not be aiming for one entry a day, but I'm still hoping to write at least once a week. I'm also hoping to be able to put a little time into my story/book-writing once as well.

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